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Great Gift Ideas for Baby’s First Christmas

Gift buying can be complicated. What to buy for the person who has everything is a classic struggle. Then, as countless new parents have learned, there’s the dilemma of deciding on the perfect gift for baby’s first Christmas. Extremely rare is the baby in this category who is able to grasp the excitement of their first Christmas morning and the thrill of receiving a gift from Santa, Mom, and Dad. For anyone with a tight budget, this is a good thing! That first gift for Christmas, however, can become a precious keepsake or a favorite toy. Some great gift ideas for age 1 and under follow.


Play Mat

For baby’s first Christmas, an activity play mat may be the perfect gift. Depending on the style you choose, there are often developmental activities that peak the interest of little ones. Whether your baby age 1 and under is still at the stage of lying on his back and enjoying tummy time or sitting on his own, you can’t go wrong with a play mat.


Play Gym

A play gym is a mat with an overarching component displaying an assortment of toys dangling toward the floor and the reach of a baby underneath. Some play gyms have adjustable frames so that you can raise or lower the height of the toys. With some models, the toys detach and are also useful as stroller and car seat toys.


Plush Toy with Security Blanket

An ideal gift for babies is a plush toy attached to a cozy little blanket. These  are widely available, adorable, and often irresistibly soft. The plush toy is usually an adorable little animal just the right size for tiny hands. It’s an easy toy to bring along on outings, and it could become an essential naptime accessory. You can find a plush security blanket in virtually any color, to match the décor of your baby’s nursery.


Funny Baby Onesies

Onesies are quintessential baby garments. When they are very funny, they make especially nice gifts. You can choose a batcave onesie or another onesie proclaiming that your baby just did nine months on the inside. For humor people of all ages can appreciate, wrap up “Breaking Hearts Blasting Farts” for your baby’s first Christmas.


Ball Pit

Instead of a gift that expires in usefulness at around 1 year old, go for a small ball pit. Suitable for babies able to sit up on their own, your child could potentially enjoy a baby ball pit through age 4. This is a baby’s first Christmas gift with the kind of wow factor many parents are looking for.


Activity Board

You can choose from a huge assortment of activity boards, cubes, circles, or houses for your baby’s first gift on Christmas morning. They are always bright and colorful. Best of all, they are educational. The model you choose might have a toy to spin, a clicking knob, buttons to press, as well as many other kinds of cause-and-effect features that babies love. Activity boards come with sound, too. The best have volume options, so that you can turn the volume low enough that it doesn’t become your worst nightmare.



Baby’s first Christmas is about as special a celebration as there is. Congratulations on your new baby! Here’s hoping you find the perfect gift for your little cherub and have a very happy Christmas.

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