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Tips to Enjoy your Baby During Christmastime


Moments with a new baby are precious few and yet can be stressful, and the pressure can be greater at Christmas. It’s normal for parents to struggle with enjoying the responsibilities of raising a tiny baby. After all, becoming new parents marks a milestone in which life is suddenly brand new. Everything revolves around a tiny human! When pressure starts to build, relax and dress your baby in a funny Call of Doody onesie. The following are more tips for remaining calm and enjoying your baby during the Christmas season.


Alter your Ambitions

It may not be reasonable to do everything you traditionally do at Christmas, when you have a new baby. For instance, if you usually have a big party, you may want to take a pass on it for the year. If you like to bake from scratch for all the neighbors, decorate elaborately, or make personalized cards for everyone on your rolodex, scaling back your aspirations will probably relieve a lot of stress. Unless they have a lot of hands-on help, parents usually have to make changes that allow for the baby to take up most their attention.


Consider how Festivities fit with a Baby

As your baby grows, you can incorporate wonderful family traditions into Christmas. With your first baby’s first Christmas, though, there are no activities the child will remember. Depending on how close they are to their first birthday, there may be few things your little one participates in and has fun. What your child will be aware of, though, is your absence, if you get preoccupied with a lot of other things. Try to settle into the new dynamics of your family, and start a new tradition of choosing Christmas activities that fit with your child’s age.


Avoid Conflicts in Relationships

Babies can tell when parents are stressed out, and they can react by also feeling agitated. One way to maintain calm that can help your child remain peaceful, too, is to avoid conflicts with others. Extra contact with family members is a normal part of the Christmas season. If you tend to get into debates or arguments with certain relatives, take a new approach. Simply refuse to be drawn into controversy. Keep things light, and dressing your baby in a funny baby onesie might help.


Simplify Gift-Buying

At baby’s first Christmas, there’s no need to buy a lot of presents. Your infant won’t know the difference, whether you buy one gift or 20. The best gift you can give your baby at such a tender age is to provide the continuous attention and care needed. It may be a great idea, however, to buy yourself some time at a spa. A few hours of getting to reset will provide a payoff that your baby can enjoy—a rejuvenated parent.


Have Guests Bring Food

You could still manage a party, as long as you let others share the work load. Invite friends and/or family, and have everyone bring their favorite appetizer, dessert, or side dish to go with the main entrée. Let others help you get your house cleaned up before and after.


Have a Happy Baby’s First Christmas!

With the constant demands of a baby, Christmas can quickly become too much of a burden. Do only what you can handle while still taking pleasure in your little one. Keep in mind that one day, your baby will probably be in college—and get an “I Still Live with My Parents” onesie to help you remember how fleeting the moments are.

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