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It’s nice to go out into chilly, crisp weather for a variety of activities, but is it safe for babies? Newborn babies are more susceptible to developing hypothermia than other children, though all kids are vulnerable to icy temps. Little ones haven’t yet developed body temperature regulation. It’s fine to bring kids out into the cold, as long as safety measures are taken. The following are tips for keeping your baby safe outdoors in winter.
Moments with a new baby are precious few and yet can be stressful, and the pressure can be greater at Christmas. It’s normal for parents to struggle with enjoying the responsibilities of raising a tiny baby. After all, becoming new parents marks a milestone in which life is suddenly brand new. Everything revolves around a tiny human! When pressure starts to build, relax and dress your baby in a funny Call of Doody onesie. The following are more tips for remaining calm and enjoying your baby during the Christmas season.
Being responsible for a newborn baby is not something people usually encounter until they themselves become parents. This makes most parents total newbies. There are many surprises new parents encounter that can be confusing, exhausting, frustrating, or slightly shocking. It helps to do some research before you enter into your bold adventure.
The amazing experience of being a parent can quickly be dampened by the necessity of living with constant crying. A crying baby can wear parents down, and that’s the reality of it. It helps to know what's going on. Here are some of the reasons babies make so much noise.
Have you always wanted to achieve superhero status? The following are some of the reasons your children can grow up convinced that you have an awesome alter ego.
If you make Memorial Day Weekend a family celebration of patriotism, your kids will likely remember throughout their lives. Here are 10 ways to share Memorial Day Weekend with the whole family.