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Being a parent is considered the high point of life for most who have lived through the joy, torture, fears, and rewards of raising children.
Is your sleep-deprived life currently dominated by the smell of crappy diapers, feeding a crying baby, or chasing an out-of-control toddler?
7 Messy Norms for Parents

7 Messy Norms for Parents

What a shock parenting can be, especially for parents who waited a long time, living neat, orderly lives. Becoming a parent changes the dynamics of everyday living in unimaginable ways. 
While mall shopping recently, I saw a heck of a lot of products that seemed specifically designed for women who refuse to give up the joys of childhood to the little children. A celebration of cats and unicorns were packaged in adult women’s sizes. It seems that there may be...
In the midst of all the seemingly chaotic activities required to raise up infants and children into adulthood is this: The important role of teaching them where happiness lies. There is a prominent line of thought that instilling an attitude of sincere gratitude will open all the doors leading to...
I’m not saying that my baby isn’t perfect, but she has a creepy habit that gave me quite the scare! Ever since she started crawling, she’s tried to eat everything that has crossed her path. I'm not talking about baby food either. Every single thing she picks up goes straight...